IPHD in Congo

The IPHD has been in the Republic of Congo since 2000 and has ongoing agreements with both the Ministry of Economy and Planning and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Realisations over the years:

  • Water wells, cisterns and latrines installed with funding from USDA and UNHCR. 
  • Seven farms created with a total of over 56 square miles in production.
  • Agricultural Custom Works Centers
  • School lunch program for over 150,000 children.
  • Malaria prevention program.
  • Rehabilitated and constructed 122 primary schools.

Currently, IPHD runs in Congo 2 main programs:


  • USDA
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock
  • Ministry of Economy, Planning and Integration
  • Ministry of Planning and Public Works
  • Ministry of Finance





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