1.  To help poverty level peoples around the world without discriminating to race, religion; ethnicity, and political philosophy to achieve a better standard of living through humanitarian assistance and community self-help programs including:

  • the promotion and financing of both rural and urban development projects that serve the common good;
  • the receipt and distribution of food, medicine and medical equipment, tools and other in-kind items that will be employed in development activities and humanitarian relief programs;
  • the organizing of regional or international workshops and conferences;
  • the promotion of an awareness of the synergistic effects of world poverty on theprogress of mankind;
  • the promotion of the concept of networking and solidarity of all peoples who desire to work together for the pursuit of integrated human development, based on democratic principles.

2.  To promote and assist the formation and affiliation of structures and organizations that serve the common good and that are freely constituted to expres the aspirations of those they serve.

3.  To increase the understanding, acceptance and support by individuals, the general public and governments of the appropriate role in private initiative in alleviating poverty and improving the livelihood of economically disadvanted people.

4.  To sponsor, conduct or promote research on the various spects of integrated human and community development with special emphasis on implementing and improving various approaches and impact.

5.  To study the problems confronting migrant workers and refugeees and to assist them in developing and implementing solutions that improve their lot.

6.  To cooperate and work with other agencies or organizations, public or private at the national and international levels, which have the same or similar purpose.

7.  To publish newsletters, circulars, magazines, and other materials that can educate the organizations's constituents and stijulate them to participate in the purposes mentioned above.

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